Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This is something new for me in 2012. I started (and love) driving my Nissan JUKE.

We also got a new house in Lakeside--our cabin. So excited about that summertime retreat. We've never had a cabin before so this is a new adventure.  We'll see how we like it. But so far, we love it.

And Alex is living at home with us and wanted a pet.  So we also got a new cat. We haven't had a cat for many years and although it belongs to Alex, we are enjoying his cute antics. He's a real character.

Well, a lot more has happened in 2012 that I am not remembering right now. But these are three new things that we added to our lives this year. Hope to be a little better about writing in 2013 but we'll see what happens. I seriously don't know how 2012 could have come and gone so quickly. It just speeds by the older we get.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Last July, Jim and I planned a trip to Oahu on January 4, 2012 and return home on January 10.  We had a wonderful Christmas and then the Friday before we were to leave for Hawaii, we both starting coming down with colds--bad colds!!  I was sick, Sat., Sun., Mon. and on Tues. morning, we decided it would probably be best to NOT go on our trip the next day.  But as the day went on...I started to feel better.  Jim felt better, too and said:  "I just watched "Hawaii 5-0" and I really want to go to Hawaii, so if you feel good enough, let's go tomorrow."  I did and we went!  Not a much better place to go to finish getting well than Hawaii.   We both felt good the whole time we were gone and we both had a great time.  So glad we didn't cancel!!!  We stayed at the Hawaiian Hilton Village in the Hilton Grand Waikikian Suites.  They were condo's and we were on the 29th floor.  It was so nice and comfortable.  Loved it!!

January 5, was Jim's birthday.  We went up to go to the Temple and to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  The temple was closed for its 2 wk. maintenance, so we did some other things on the North Shore and stopped on the way back at the Dole Pineapple Plantation.  Yummy Pineapple ice cream there!!!!  We also ate at a little shop and they gave us free cake even though they didn't know it was Jim's birthday.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Berkeley's Baptism

We just got back from Austin.  Berkeley was baptized Sat.  We had a wonderful visit with Sam and his family.  Here's some pictures.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Young Women

Well, I was released from the Young Women organization on August 7th.

I have mixed emotions about this.  I'm going to miss the sweet young women and the young women leaders that I've been working with.  I am not going to miss Mutual on Wednesday nights (when I have been getting up at 4 am to work in the temple on Thursday and Friday mornings).

Here's a picture of the YW when they came by the house to give me a "Thank You" cake Wed. night.  They are such a great group of sweet girls.  Love them all!!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trip to San Diego April 8, 2011

Cheryl went with me to San Diego for my friend's (Martha Dooley Hazar) daughter's wedding.  About 60 miles out of San Diego it started to snow and it snowed for 20 miles.  What??  That's crazy, I know, but it's true.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Thirteen years ago today Dad passed away.  I miss him and always will...until we meet again on the other side.  He was always so good to me and I felt like he would do anything for me.  I know realistically, he MAY not have really been able to do that, but I don't think there's much he wouldn't have been willing to do.  I miss that twinkle in his eye and his cute sense of humor.  He was a strong and sturdy man and I liked that, too.  I'm sure he and Mom are enjoying each other right now.  I miss them both.

Dad and Mom snuggling on Mother's Day 1979.  He always got her flowers!!

Coveralls!! (Dad always did like those).  I think he looks very "John Wayne-ish" in this picture in Hawaii at Hickam Field.  (He was there between 1939 and early 1942).

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday Lunch @ Tia Rosa's

Tim, Cheryl and I met for lunch at Tia Rosa's today to celebrate our birthdays.  Cheryl's was on Jan. 30 and Tim's was on Feb. 3 and mine is coming up on March 3.  Linda could have come, too.  Her birthday is Feb. 18 but she's sort of far away.  And if Patty wasn't at work she could have come, too. Her birthday was Jan. 2.  Wow, we had a lot of birthdays close together growing up.  Five of the 7 kids in our family growing up had their birthdays in a 2 month span.